This product is designed for SMEs and salaried employees for direct purchase of assets—both household goods and assets that generate income.

The goal is to make it possible for Members to acquire assets and equipment that will increase their capacity to generate income or that they can put to personal use to raise their standard of living which also removes the uncertainty that comes with high loan requirements and makes it possible for their businesses to have cash flow because the repayment is spread out over the agreed-upon period of time.

These items include: machinery, vehicles, generators, and other vital operational equipment etc.

  • group 34557 The term must be between 30 and 180 days, and it must be covered by insurance if necessary.
  • group 34557 Assets must be purchased in SylvastarCOOP name.
  • group 34557 The lessor must contribute 20 to 40 percent of the asset's value.
  • group 34557 Open cheques of Beneficiary
  • group 34557 2 guarantor’s cheques
  • group 34557 Equipment/Asset forms collateral
  • group 34557 Repayment: Equated monthly repayment.
  • group 34557 Must be a member of SylvastarCOOP
  • group 34557 Must possess a valid means of identification.
  • group 34557 Asset/Equipment Finance is open to employees of all public and private companies, whether they are salaried, self-employed, or professionals.
  • group 34557 Amount: Minimum of N100,000
  • group 34557 Maximum of N2million (increased limit approval available)
  • group 34557 Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years
  • group 34557 Minimum Net Monthly Income: ₦20,000
  • group 34557 Applicant should have the COOP’s specified credit score.
  • group 34557 Interest: Competitive

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