Food Stash is here to revolutionize the way you save and enjoy your favorite groceries/food items. We provide a platform where you can set target savings for a specific period. By saving with us, not only will you reach your savings goal, but you'll also earn some interest on the amount saved and have quick loan access without collateral. We aim to create a community where saving for food is fun, and achievable and helps you build a healthier financial future. We envision a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of financial stability and access to quality food.

How It Works
  • group 34557 Set a target savings amount by picking any of our packages
  • group 34557 Save regularly towards your goal
  • group 34557Once you reach your target, redeem your savings for a wide range of groceries or food items.
  • group 34557 Terms and conditions apply.
Foodstash Packages

We have fixed daily amount packages of:

  • group 34557 N200 daily
  • group 34557 N300 daily
  • group 34557 N500 daily
  • group 34557 N1,000 daily

Each package has a 6 months, and 12 months duration, which has different batches in a year.

  • group 34557 SIX (6) MONTHS
    BATCHES: January to June, July to December
  • group 34557 TWELVE (12) MONTHS
    BATCHES: January to December.

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