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Quick Loan

We understand that opting for a loan is not an easy decision. Our quick loan is usually for a short period of time and is subject to less rigorous screening and approval procedures.

Utility Bills

With our Sylvastar COOP banking app, you can pay for your household bills like electricity, water, cable etc. You can also purchase airtime and data.

Coop Savings

Guess what? You can now enjoy easy payments. While on the go. You can receive payments, transfer funds and make payments on any of our platforms. No hassle, go on and live your best life.


Do you know you can earn as high as 18% with your Fixed Term Deposit with Sylvastar COOP? You can get paid your interest 100% upfront or monthly on the go. You earn even more when you lock your funds away in our COOP vault for 12 months.


With the Sylvastar COOP Banking USSD code, you can book a loan, transfer to other banks, pay bills, and airtime top-up.

Tested & Trusted

Funds are securely held and managed by our leading investment and portfolio managers. Our members can also attest to our seamless customer service.

All your payments, in one place Send money, buy airtime, data, cable subscriptions, utilities on your Coop banking app, at no extra charge.

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