The loan can be used as capital for a micro business or other income-generating endeavors by any group of targeted Members to improve their standard of living. Lack of capital or collateral should not affect your company's expansion. Our Group Loan is a loan for which the solidarity of the group serves as a guarantee. The business owners select group members and guarantee each other. The minimum number of people in a group is 5.

Show us your business, and we'll help you grow it to new heights. We'll also figure out how much you can borrow to avoid getting into too much debt and provide expert, reputable financial and business management advice.

Products Features
  • group 34557 Loan amount: Up to N500,000.
  • group 34557 Interest rate: Reasonable rate
  • group 34557 Loan term: Up to 6 months
  • group 34557 Repayment mode: Flexibility according to cash flow
  • group 34557 Guarantee: The group members will act as guarantors to each other.
  • group 34557 Interest rate: Very competitive
  • group 34557 You will get guidance and training through our group meetings on how to manage your finances and business.
  • group 34557 Our processes and fees are transparent.
  • group 34557 Be a majority aged 18 to 60 years old
  • group 34557 Valid means of identification
  • group 34557 6 months account statement from each member
  • group 34557 Group members’ interests must be tailored towards doing various/the same business, living in the same area, or doing business within the same environment.
  • group 34557 Have a legal business and regular income
  • group 34557 Have a good record and be reliable
  • group 34557 There should be a document from the court or Notary Public giving the group legal backing
  • group 34557 The Group leader will be personally accountable for ensuring that loan repayments are made when due.

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