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SylvastarCoop is a member based non-bank financial institution; which was registered under CAP: NO 98 of the Nigeria cooperative society ACT/2004 in 2021, in accordance with the revised microfinance policy for Nigeria July, 2011 Powered by the Provision of Sector 22(1)(B) of the CBN ACT NO.7 of 2007 and in Pursuance of the Provisions of Sections 56-60(A) of the Bank and Other Financial Institutions ACT (BOFIA) NO.25 of 1991 (AS AMMENDED) in 2022.
We are an outstanding Micro lending and savings Cooperative that will be attending to the enormous needs of small and medium scale businesses owned by our members.
To open a Sylvastarcoop account, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid mobile number, a functioning email address, a valid ID, and BVN.
We need this to confirm you are the one registering on Sylvastarcoop and not someone else. That's why you need to register with your correct name, date of birth, and phone number as you have it on your BVN.
(Android) To access your Sylvastarcoop statement on the Sylvastarcoop app, follow these steps: Log in to your sylvastarcoop account On the home page, select 'Transactions' At the bottom right of your transaction page, select 'Get statement' Input the start date and end date, then click 'Proceed' Your statement of account will be sent to your registered email on Sylvastarcoop.
his indicates that you have previously registered a Sylvastarcoop account from our app or from the web application. Kindly sign in (not register) in the app and ensure that all the details provided now are the same as those provided previously. Information such as your date of birth and phone number must be the same to access your account. If the problem persists, kindly send a screenshot of the details entered (phone number and date of birth) for verification here.
Your account limit is determined by your KYC level. See details below: Level 1: Single transfer limit -0 Daily transfer limit- 0 Wallet limit - 0 Level 2: Single transfer limit -₦50,000 Daily transfer limit- ₦300,000 Wallet limit - ₦500,000 Level 3: Single transfer limit -₦1,000,000 Daily transfer limit- ₦5,000,000 Wallet limit- ₦999,999,999.99
You can fund your Sylvastarcoop account via the Sylvastarcoop app for transactions by: Go to the Sylvastarcoop app home page, click ‘Add money’. Enter the amount you want to fund your Sylvastarcoop account with. Select USSD or add money with a DEBIT CARD for the top-up. If you are yet to set up a card on Sylvastarcoop you will be asked to do so at this point. Once top-up is successfully completed, the funds will reflect in your Sylvastarcoop account. then click on get statement, you will see a "successful" prompt. Also, you can fund your Sylvastarcoop account directly via bank transfer using your bank's mobile app or USSD to your Sylvastarcoop account. Bank Name; Sylvastarcoop or One Finance Account Number; Your Sylvastarcoop account number

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